The RIKA Personal Leadership Development Session (February 2024)

27th February 2024



On Friday, February 16th, Cohort 4 Fellows of the RIKA Leadership programme, representing 6 countries, convened both virtually and in-person at the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi for a pivotal Development session. This session, integral to the Human Capital Management Curriculum, provided a unique opportunity for Fellows to meet face-to-face with each other, as well as with the faculty and program management team.


Led By RIKA Africa’s Executive Director Susan Githuku, the session commenced with a profound exploration of Self-awareness and leadership impact using Emotional Intelligence and the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) instruments. Emotional Intelligence, crucial in leadership, enables individuals to recognize, understand, and manage emotions, fostering effective communication, empathy, and conflict resolution. The MBTI, renowned for its insights into personality preferences and communication styles, has become popular in management for enhancing team dynamics, fostering understanding, and optimizing collaboration.


Participants delved into key concepts, setting the stage for a transformative journey. A pivotal moment arrived as Fellows received their Emotional Intelligence and MBTI psychometric results, prompting reflection on areas to START, STOP, and CONTINUE doing in their career aspirations. This introspective exercise empowered individuals with invaluable insights into leveraging strengths while nurturing areas for growth.


The Development session also delved into the importance of Personal Branding in leadership, emphasizing the intentional shaping and management of one's perception to build credibility, trust, and influence among stakeholders.


A key agenda for the day was a session on the Power and Potential of Africa as the growth of the Continent  is a foundational consideration for the RIKA Curriculum.  


Keynote Address by Prof. PLO Lumumba


ImageGuest Speaker, Professor P.L.O Lumumba's presentation on 'The Power and Potential of Africa' was truly the highlight of the day, captivating the audience with his impassioned advocacy for the continent's advancement. He eloquently articulated the urgent need for substantial research and development investments, emphasizing the vast untapped potential within intra-African trade. One of the most striking moments came when he posed a pivotal question, challenging the audience to ponder, "Who Locked" Africa's potential. This thought-provoking query sparked deep reflection among participants, prompting them to consider the systemic barriers and historical factors that have hindered Africa's progress. Prof. Lumumba further emphasized that unlocking Africa's potential requires more than just financial investment; it necessitates the cultivation of visionary leadership and the implementation of sound policy frameworks. Drawing parallels with the success stories of the Asian Tigers, he underscored the transformative impact of effective leadership and strategic policymaking in driving economic growth and development.


His insightful discourse prompted profound reflections on tangible avenues for transformative action, igniting an atmosphere of impassioned dialogue and intellectual rigor among participants. As individuals grappled with Lumumba's poignant insights, they were inspired to envision their role in realizing Africa's boundless potential and actively contribute to its transformative journey.


One notable moment was when Fellow James Muhia posed a thoughtful question on the establishment of an Africa-based Labour Organization akin to the International Labour Organization (ILO), encapsulating the fervour of the discussion and prompting a collective reimagining of Africa's global role.


Participants departed, fuelled by the promise of realizing Africa's boundless potential through transformative leadership that could be accomplished step by step.