The RIKA Personal Leadership Development Workshop (March 2023)

3rd April 2023



On Friday 24th March 2023, the RIKA Program team hosted the RIKA Fellows of February 2023 Cohort for their first in person and virtual Personal Leadership Development Session. With Fellows travelling into Nairobi, Kenya from Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, and joining from The Gambia, Rwanda, Nigeria virtually, the sense of Pan-African Human capital excellence was palpable. 


As a critical and catalytic component of Module 2; Leadership in the 21st Century, the Fellows were immersed into the theory and application (solidified with their indiviudal psychometric assessment results) of self-awareness, emotional mastery and personal leadership as cornerstones of becoming an effective organisational leader. Armed with this knowledge, our Executive Director, Susan Githuku then challenged our fellows to amalgamate these concepts to explore and build their personal leadership brand for current and future revelance, influence and sustained impact.


Conjoined with the abundance of personal reflection, this was an opportunity for our cohort who have been engaging online collectively for the past two months, to connect in person, share ongoing work challenges, opportunities, learnings and build relationships across this growing pan-african network of peers.